Новые возможности в Visual Studio

22 Янв

Друзья, свершилось то, чего мы, разработчики, так долго ждали!
Теперь работая в VS можно получать ачивки и мериться ими в Facebook’е!

Falling Down – Created a new SharePoint project
Job Security – Written a LINQ query with over 30 lines of code
The Sword Fighter – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with zero code changes
Shotgun Debugging – 5 Consecutive Solution Rebuilds with a single character change
The Mathematician – Defined 15 local variables with a single character name
The Academic – Written 1000 lines of F#
Spaghetti Monster – Written a single line with more than 300 characters
Wild One – Mixed tabs and spaces for indentation more than 5 times in a single line
The Organizer – Created a Solution with more than 50 projects
The Portal – Created a circular project dependency
The Multitasker – Have more than 50 source files open at the same time
The Code Keeper – Uninstalled Resharper because it made you redundant
Pasta Chef – Created a class with more than 100 fields, properties or methods
Procedural Programmer – Created a method with more than 10 out parameters
Steam Powered – Added Visual Studio as a Steam game
The Poet – Written a source file with more than 10,000 lines
The Enterprise – Build Solution took more than 10 minutes
Highway to Hell – Successfully created a WCF service
The Explainer – Written a comment with more than 100 words
TPS Reports – Created a Crystal Reports Project
Rage Quit – ALT+F4 after a failed bug fix
Ooooh Shiny – Written 100 extensions methods
Look Ma – Written an infinite Fibonacci generator using yield
The Engineer – Killed a zombie with The Wrench
The Architect – Created 25 Interfaces in a single project
The Right Way – Test method is longer than the tested method
The Defender – Checked every argument for null exceptions
Pokemon Programming – Caught all the exceptions
Black Magic – Implemented a RealProxy
Gimme back my ASM – Used ILGenerator
I’m Sorry – Created a new Visual Basic Project
The SEO Expert – ASP.NET MVC Routing table with more than 100 routes
The Matrix – Windows Forms with more than 100 controls
The Daredevil – UpdatePanels nested more than 3 layers deep
Just a Test – Nested multiline C-style comments that caused a compilation error
Warm Bath – Successfully consumed a non .NET SOAP web service
Old School – Defined more than 100 static objects
The Cloner – Copy-pasted more than 50 lines
The Dependency – Referenced more than 30 projects
Paying the bills – Imported a Visual Basic project
First Hit – Included a Codeproject.com library into your project and it actually compiled
Paula – Define a firstname field with value Brillant
Every Option Considered – Created an enum with more than 30 values


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