Google Apps. Удаление всех писем старше 30 дней

14 Окт

Если у вас Standart Account в Google Apps письма старше 30 дней будут удалять. 🙁
Отключить автоматическое удаление можно только в Bussines account.
Ссылка на общение поддержкой 🙁 upd2:
Прошу прощения за панику 🙁 Более внимательное изучение переписки сапортом
Thank you for your response. Please accept my apologies for a mistake on my part regarding the Email Retention feature.
This misinformation and misunderstanding is my mistake only and I am sorry. The Email Retention feature is not available to Standard Google Apps accounts and it does NOT automatically delete mail after 30 days for Standard Google Apps accounts, as the default setting will be ‘Do not delete email messages automatically’ and this is unchangeable.
It is a setting, which when applied by the admin can be used to control the amount of mail that is stored for each user in a Google Apps for Business Domain, the amount of time can be any amount of time chosen by the administrator of a Google Apps for Business account.
That said, you will not lose any mail that is stored for over 30 days having downgraded to Standard Google Apps.
My apologies once more.
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